2" Filters

2" Filters

The 1” and 2” models are produced with the unique Facet monobond frame design. This innovative concept involves a one-piece frame sealed under heat and pressure. The result is a 100% bond of media to board on all sides, eliminating air bypass and creating unmatched frame corner strength.

In addition, notched corners on Facet’s monobond frame design allow units to interlock, creating an advantage of approximately 33% savings on warehouse space and freight costs.

The 2” model in particular is produced in a box frame construction for more effective, durable performance in certain heavy duty applications. Both the upstream and downstream sizes include bottle cap backing.

The synthetic media used consists of polyester fibers bonded together in an interlocking pattern of tiny lint and dust traps. This configuration maximizes dust loading while minimizes resistance and surface loading.

These filters perform best in conditions where large quantities of lint and dust are present. There rugged construction makes them industry leaders in the high-velocity system, pre-filter market.