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Both the 1” and 2” frames are produced using 100% recycled post consumer materials. The unique Monobond concept involves a one-piece frame sealed to the media under heat and pressure. This construction feature produces a continuous bond of media to board around the periphery of the frame eliminating weak corners and air bypass. The use of a high tensile strength polyethylene binder increases the integrity of the seal, allowing the filter to withstand varying temperatures and humidity levels.

When compared to traditional designs, the Monobond type filter’s notched frame corners allow units to interlock providing up to 33% savings on warehouse space and freight costs. For certain heavy duty applicat6ions Facet also offers a 2” Box frame construction available in sixteen (16) standard sizes.

The 1” and 2” are both manufactured with superior grade fiberglass media to guarantee full depth loading and high dust holding capacity. A computer controlled manufacturing process assures a uniform gradient density pattern in the media.

To enhance filtration capability and prevent migration of finer particles, the filter media is evenly coated with a gelled adhesive.

Overall filter integrity is assisted by the addition of Tri-Directional Scrim backing to the downstream side of the media. This scrim backing is laminated to the fiberglass and provides downstream support while promoting minimum fiber displacement and high velocities, and reducing restriction to air flow. The non-metal nature of the backing also eliminates sharp edges making for safe installation and easy disposal.